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Nurture Safer Spaces in Your School

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with WAXIE Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants

Creating healthy learning and working environments shouldn’t take hours of disinfection every day. That’s why all of our hydrogen peroxide (HP) disinfectants are EPA-approved to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and the flu in 1 minute.

Multi-purpose formula made for good health.

To better protect your school and those in it from the spread of emerging pathogens, our multi-purpose WAXIE HP Disinfectants feature hydrogen peroxide-based formulas that are safer for use in your school than many other leading products.


In just one step, WAXIE HP Disinfectants effectively clean a wide range of surfaces, from glass and Plexiglass to plastic and electronics.


EPA-approved to kill COVID-19 and the flu in 1 minute, WAXIE HP Disinfectants make it easier to protect the health of your students and staff.


WAXIE HP Disinfectants are concentrated products that help reduce environmental footprints by cutting down on product packaging waste.


Fast-acting WAXIE HP Disinfectants use gentle ingredients to eliminate exposure to harsh, unsafe chemicals and abrasive, foul odors.

“How to Clean”

Wondering how to effectively clean different hot spots in your school?

Protect your students & staff without the use of harsh chemicals.

While some leading disinfectants use high-risk ingredients to kill germs, WAXIE HP Disinfectants were specially-formulated to keep harsh chemicals away from your students and staff.




or Dyes

“Every child
a healthy
school site.”

– California’s Healthy Schools Act

California’s Healthy
Schools Act Compliant.

WAXIE HP Disinfectants satisfy OSHA guidelines and support California’s Healthy Schools Act compliance. By providing a clear understanding of proper disinfectant usage in schools, safer product chemistry, and complete cleaning instructions, every child can have the healthy school site they deserve.

  • K-12 Schools
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Learning Centers

Your go-to Consultants for Everything from Cleaning to Training.

For over 75 years, WAXIE’s been providing much more than safer disinfectants. With in-person or online product training, dilution control systems, and multiple product accessories available for schools, we’ve gained a reputation among our customers as the most trusted name in clean.

With WAXIE on your side, you can keep students and staff healthy with faster disinfection and easier training.

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